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Tread Connection was founded in 2016 in Charlotte, North Carolina by brothers Paul and Alex Hosage.  Prior to forming Tread Connection, Paul, our CEO, spent six years working in the automotive industry, four of which were spent managing one of the largest independent, nationally known tire franchises. Paul held every position in the traditional automotive repair shop from tire technician to area manager. After experiencing many of the negatives associated with the traditional brick and mortar retail tire store, Paul, along with his brother Alex, developed the mobile tire installation platform that will change the way customers think about the tire buying process.


This location is the original Tread Connection location and served as the basis upon which we built the Tread Connection franchise model.



Areas Served


This location is the exclusive Tread Connection provider for the zip code listed below. We can also provide our service in any other non-exclusive territory outside of our exclusive area, so please contact us to inquire! If you aren’t sure which of our franchise locations is closest to you, please click here to search by zip code.


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